Yet another victory for freedom

There are times I can almost get my hopes up–times that I think we may turn the tide before Something Horrible Happens.

Today is one of those times.

The Free Market News Network is reporting that the ATF has finally been forced to admit that they have no written standards for testing firearms. None. Not any. Zero. Bupkiss.

You can read the actual Congressional Research Service memohere, courtesy of JPFO.

The money quote?

ATF officials, meanwhile, have informed the Congressional Research Service that there is no “firearms testing procedures manual”.

So we’re allowing ATF agents to testify in court that, for example, a given gun is an illegal machine gun, even when they have no standard testing procedures for determining if it is or is not a machine gun versus a malfunctioning semi-automatic? We’re allowing testimony regarding facts that is not based on a repeatable methodology? Say it ain’t so, Ethyl!

This means that there are a lot of cases out there, cases where gun owners were convicted of various and sundry firearms violations, that can be reopened–and rightfully so. Hopefully, those wrongfully convicted will go free. Even better will be if those ATF agents who perpetrated these crimes find themselves on the wrong side of the bars.

I shall fire several magazines this weekend in celebration.

This is some important news–be sure to pass it around amongst your gunny friends.

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