So what’s up with the New Orleans gun confiscations and forced evacuations?

Now there’s an interesting question that seems to have no definitive answer.

There has been much talk around the blogosphere and on the gun boards about last weeks’ apparent confiscation of guns from legal gun owners. (If you missed it, GeekWithA.45 has the recap here, here, here, here and here. Busy fellow, the Geek.)

We’ve seen video of various LEOs acting in a manner that has inflamed a lot of 2nd Amendment advocates, including GOA and JFPO.

But here’s the thing–the whole subject seems to have fallen off the face of the planet, at least as far as the legacy media is concerned. There was a big “plop” of news Thursday and early Friday, then…nothing much. Things go back to “possible” forced evacuations and guns stop being mentioned at all.

To confound the situation, the Department of Conflicting Messages has sent out news on residents being allowed to return to the city and the New Orleans airport is reopening to commercial traffic (you’ll need BugMeNot).

Look, either the place is improving faster than anyone expected, in which case the privately owned firearms aren’t a problem, or it’s still a dangerous place, in which case the firearms become a necessity.

So what was going on in New Orleans last week? Did we have an out-of-control local government acting illegally and getting quickly and quietly reigned in? Did the media misreport the facts? Anyone? Bueller?

I’m going to keep trolling for credible first hand reports and hopefully unedited video of events. So far, I’ve found several reports that someone says “Hey, this is from my buddy who is a ________ with the _________ in New Orleans doing the Good Work,” but none of them are confirmable. No names, no dates, no nothing.

If anyone has anything they’re will to share, let me know. If I find anything, I’ll do the same. In the meantime, all us gun owners, survivalist-types and similar sorts need to keep paying attention to this. It’s important, and you can bet there will be a test.

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