What a difference a day makes

Want to get 3 doctors and a floor full of nurses confused? Have one of their patients, one that they’ve pretty much decided will not survive, get better.

Yup. Medical science is confounded at the moment, right here in River City. My Mom is conscious for periods of an hour or more, she has been able to take a clear liquid diet by mouth (with help), and is able to acknowledge questions by nodding her head–plus she looks healthier. This isn’t as good as she was before she began a slide 2 weeks ago, but it’s so far improved from what she was 24 hours ago that it’s simply remarkable.

Of course, that little voice in back of my head warns “You’ve heard the old folks talking about ‘someone getting better to die’,” and indeed I’ve seen such things myself. I admit the possibility, but even if it happens, we were able, her grandchildren included, to spend some final quality time with her before her passing.

If it doesn’t happen, then even better. Either way, we’ve been given a gift.

More later. It’s late and I’m tired. The bed beckons….

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