Last thoughts, then outta here

Time is fast approaching for the weekend exodus to Camp Freeholder. It’s been a relatively slow day at work, so I’ve been amusing myself with some surfing.

The nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court is getting a lot of press and a lot of blogage. As I noted here, on a quick look, the guy doesn’t look bad.

It seems though, when you take a longer look, he may not be quite so attractive. Or maybe he is, but he’s being pilloried for saying what he had to say to get his current position on 2003. But maybe he actually meant those things. But if he didn’t, then he’s just another politician.

The problem is that we don’t know, and may not know until it’s too late and he’s already sitting on the SCOTUS bench. I hope the Republican Senators take their duty to “advise and consent” as seriously as some of the Democratic Senators claim to take it. The stakes are high.

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