Whittling away at the Second Amendment

I’m late to the party, but it’s supposedly a vacation week for me. Cut me some slack!

It would seem that our friends at BATFE have decided that the time is now to strictly enforce 18 U.S.C. § 925(d)(3). For those of us who don’t memorize the United States Code (even just the firearms related parts of it), what this means is that frames, receivers or barrels of weapons that can not be legally imported under 925(d) as whole guns also can not be imported.

Even simpler version: If the Bad Boojum 56 rifle can not be imported, you can’t import a Bad Boojum 56 frame, receiver or barrel.

Now here’s the thing. For many years, ATF has allowed importation of these parts for repair/replacement purposes for guns that were at one time legally imported. That will cease after Sept. 10, 2005.

You make expect prices for replacement parts for things like AK-47 pattern rifles to increase substantially. Parts kits for things like G3s will likely dry up entirely. Economics being what they are, expect to see anything that looks like a battle rifle (with the exception of ARs and M1As) take a hike very soon. This won’t happenimmediatelyy, as I suspect companies like Century Arms will be importing so much stuff that they’ll have to rent extra warehouse space. But by the end of the year, expect to see some significant increases.

Welcome back to the Bad Old Days of the AWB. You might want to schedule some deliveries yourself very soon. At thevery leastt, they’ll be a good investment.

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