A kids’ baseball team has been ejected from their league for being too good at the game.

It seems that the coaches and the parents of the other teams in the league all decided that they would not play the Stars, and the league refunded their entry fees and too them off the playing schedule.

“I called up the league office and said, ‘No way are we going to play them,'” Terry Morris, who coaches another team in the division, told The Dispatch. “I wasn’t going to subject my players to that.” … “We didn’t want one of our kids to get hit in the face with a ball,” said rival coach Kris Hutchins, who said all his players’ parents agreed that their boys not face the Stars.

In one of those “out of the mouth of babes” moments, Stars second baseman Matthew Hufferd opined “”If they learn at their age that they can forfeit on things they don’t want to do, it’s quitting.”

Exactly, Matthew.

I remember, way too many years ago during my first time at college, wanting to learn backgammon. I got the best player in the dorm to teach me, and I played her constantly. I also got my ass whipped by her constantly. When I finally learned enough to beat her on a moderately consistent basis, I was a very good player indeed.

I learned more by losing than I would have by winning. As I’ve went through life, I’ve found time and again that my failures and my losses have taught me more than my wins. Pity the kids in the Canal Winchester Recreation District won’t get to learn that important piece of wisdom at an early age.

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