Avast, matey!

Pirate Captain to take helm of N.C. State student government

I bae lovin’ it, I tell ya.

Of course, the chronically humor-impaired remain unamused:If I was going for an interview with new student body president I put my hand out and say, “Hello, it is nice to meet you” and his response is “aargh.” That would be immature, and I would be annoyed.

Meghan, dear, you really need to loosen up. Take your hair down and hoist a cup o’ grog with the Captain.

“Students here think student government is a joke, a mockery. This just further displays that,” student Chris Rook said.

No Chris, I think this is a savvy move by an astute individual to get those who have given up on the process to give it another try. It may be working, since turnout increased 11% in this election. (At least I think that’s the number, I lost the URL.)

Although a majority of the students that voted like the Captain, it seems that many of the “student leaders” don’t want him around:

“How is it possible that the administration will take you seriously?” Sen. Tracy Hutcherson asked. “I say cook the bird and eat it or walk the plank.”

I hope his answer was “I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Means ‘No’.”

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