The good news just keeps rolling in

(Via The Drudge Report)

I guess it wasn’t enough that banks, airlines and employers are “losing control” of your personal data. Now the IRS *SPIT* wants to get in on the action as well.
I have to wonder if it was a taxable transaction? I also wonder what it’s going to take before all the various executives and IT types get serious about protecting this (and for that matter all) data the way they already know they should?

Perhaps the head of the IRS would like it if his information, such as “bank account holders’ names, social security numbers, transaction values, and any suspected terrorist activity” got sold God knows who? Do you think he’d be comforted by the Treasury-droid’s assertion that “There is no evidence that anyone who was not authorized accessed the data outside the GAO”.

Maybe he would. I mean, everyone knows they can trust their government, right?

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