Indulging in a bit of metablogging

Kim du Toit has an excellent Nation of Riflemen Garand post. *drool*

Resistance is Futile is hosting the Carnival of Cordite this week. So many guns, so little time….

TheHeartless Libertarian hates living in the South–it seems that’s it too hot and humid for his taste. I hate to say it, but it hasn’t gotten hot yet. Give it until the beginning of August. Now that’s hot and humid!

The Smallest Minority has an excellent essay on the state of the US Constitution. It has a lot of quotes from various and sundry Constitutional thinkers, but I think he uses the most telling one, from Justice Antonin Scalia, early on: “It is literally true that the U.S. Supreme Court has entirely liberated itself from the text of the Constitution.” Worth reading.

Stoney at Rebel Yell has had a run-in with his computer, and it cost him his Firefox bookmarks. For the benefit of my readers:

  • Open Firefox
  • Go to Bookmarks | Manage Bookmarks
  • On the File menu, select export.
  • Burn the resulting file on a CD, or find one of those “store so many megs of files free here” place on the Internet and park it there.

I do computers for a living, and I tell you–backups are your friend. Have lots of backups, and in lots of places.

And finally, Red6 has put up a bunch of new stuff at Ammor Geddon. Go read.

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