Don’t you hope your kids turn out this well?

Jordan is the ““J”” and her 19-year-old sister, Kody Farrington, is the “K”” of Jamestown’’s K and J Bait and Tackle. The sisters are the shop’’s owners, with marginal help from their parents.

Oddly enough, these two young ladies have parents with an entrepreneural background and they’ve been home schooled. Furthermore, Kody has decided to take a “pass” on going to an approved 4-year college to further her business interests.

What will the professional education establishment be thinking when they read this? “Why, if we had more support from parents/unions/administrators/taxpayers/WTF-ever we could do this!” Yeah, and I’m working on a genetically engineered pig that will fly into the frying pan.

Good on you, girls, and good on your parents too.

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