Bush and Kerry together?

Well, at least humorously.  I’ve seen this mentioned in a lot of places, but no blogs so far.

So here’s George W. Bush and Ketchup Boy performing “This Land“.

1 thought on “Bush and Kerry together?

  1. Kerry just needs to shut his flapper and let Bush go on again..Kerry is a loser, lier, and a retard. He is a pure butt. Bush all the way!!!!! Kerry is going DOWN! BOO, Kerry!
    Bush ardy got ’em beat loong time ago!

    bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, BUSH!!
    Bush gonna win
    he gonna win win win
    kerry needs a fin
    to swim swim swim
    he(KERRY) drinks gin!
    Bush gone win …win… WIN!WIN!WIN!

    FREAKIN KERRY HAS NO CLUE!! HE IS A crackhead all the way. BBBuuuusssshhhh!!yay

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