Back from the weekend

And home from yet another Monday in the work world as well.

It was another good weekend at Camp Freehold, marred by a 5 hour call-in from work. Well, nothing for it–it’s what pays the bills.

Summer has arrived in North Carolina. After an extended cool and wet spring, the heat and humidity of a Southern summer have arrived with a vengence. The temperature rose roughly 20o in a single day. Now if that was from 40o to 60o, that wouldn’t be too bad. But go from 68o to 88o–all I can say is sweating season is here!

On the way home, I noted that the gas prices (see Greed or what?) have stabilized at $2.00/gal at most stations. Some stations are still charging $2.03-$2.05, and are not attracting much business. I’d like to get the back-story on this whole episode, but without any inside contacts, I’m betting I’ll never hear it.

It seems that the news of the weekend, was pretty much in a “more of the same” vein. I don’t really have much to add. Today’s news, on the other hand, may get some attention in a bit.

I’ll have another survivalism article ready to go later tonight. The text is written and the pictures taken, I just have to put it all together and upload it to the website.

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