NC legislators starting to back off

It would seem the intense publicity revolving aroundH1183, the Yet Another Giveaway to Illegal Immigrants Access To Higher Education & A Better Economic Future is leading some legislators to withdraw their support. (Hm-m-m, politicians reacting to pressure and bad publicity. Might be a useful lesson there….)

According to the article in The Daily Tarheel (Which by the way is the student newspaper of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill–and I’m a Duke fan, so don’t even get me started!), at least one of our elected geniuses didn’t even read the thing before signing on:

“I didn’t read the bill before I signed it,” said Rep. Eugene Wilson, R-Watauga, who withdrew his support from the bill last week. “I just thought I was helping a bunch of young people.”

ARUGH! You signed onto a bill you didn’t read?! What’s wrong with you? Oh never mind, just sign these too. Oh don’t worry, it’s just the deed to your house, general power of attorney, things like that.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I just can’t help it. Reminds me of the Congresscreatures that voted for the blasted Patriot Act without reading it.

We elect these people. We go out and vote and we put them in there to represent us, our best interests, the State of NC’s best interests, and this is what we get. Where do we go to get a refund?

Of course, the Liberals have a different viewpoint:

“It has arisen so quickly that I’m not sure a lot of citizens out there fully understand,” said Ferrel Guillory, director of UNC’s Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life.

“What’s at stake here has to be explained fully. A lot of people are jumping to conclusions with partial information.”

No, we do fully understand, and that’s the problem. We understand that we, the legal citizens of North Carolina, are going to get screwed. We have to figure out how to meet our kids tuition bills, while we’re giving a 75% discount to illegal aliens.

Yes, you see illegal aliens have always been welcome in the UNC systems schools. Just apply, get accepted and pay out-of-state tuition, and you’re there.

Getting angry yet?

Guillory said North Carolina’s Latino population increased by 400 percent in the 1990s and doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

Ah, we’ve noticed. Thanks for asking.

“These aren’t law-breaking people,” he said, referring to the students who would be looking to attend college. “Their parents may have entered the country in an unauthorized fashion, walking across the border, but that’s an issue we’re dealing with in Washington.

A, Yes, they are, and B, no they aren’t. Mommy and Daddy may have brought them here, but if they weren’t born here, if they aren’t green card holders, if they aren’t naturalized citizens, then they’re


Some people are obviously unclear on this concept.

Nor are they “dealing with in Washington.” Not unless your definition of it is ignoring it.

Of course, if we just merged with Mexico, the whole problem would just go away, wouldn’t it.

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