My last debate post

Well, this time I got to hear or watch nearly the entire debate. I’m also getting to post about it before I listen to a lot of thoughts from the media, so this time you’re getting my thoughts, unaltered by outside influences. Lord help you…

I thought that this was the President’s best debate, which I expect will surprise a lot of the media, who seemed to be looking for a Kerry slam dunk. Bush had his figures ready, and really seemed to push Senator Kerry onto the defensive and keep him there–how many times did he have to say something like “I’m not proposing a big government program”? Sure you’re not–Yeah Right!

I’ll ding both of them for being economic fools. Mr. President, you can’t have tax cuts, fund a war and spend (or allow Congress to spend) like a drunken sailor and get away with it forever. Senator Kerry, you can’t have a $1.2 trillion dollar healthcare system, raise the minimum wage, undo tax cuts, raise taxes on some and lower them on others and expect to have a healthy Federal budget and national economy. TANSTAAFL lives, boys. Learn it, live it, love it.

(I despair of the US ever getting its budget house in order. Cut taxes, cut spending, pay off the national debt, shrink the government. It seems simple, if difficult to do, to me. But who am I….)

I again was impressed with the “genuineness” of George Bush. I wasn’t impressed with John Kerry–he just seems too polished to me. Being from a blue-collar background, that tends to set my alarms off. Perhaps it’s not a good way to judge, but it’s always worked for me. I’ve learned, through painful experience, to trust my gut.

I note one answer where Senator Kerry spoke of our freedoms granted by the Constitution. Senator, you need a lesson on where our rights come from. They come, not from a document, but from God. The Constitution, for all its majesty and importance, simply acknowledges them.

I also note in response to a question about the damnable Assault Weapons Ban, they both candidates are willing to fritter away our Second Amendment rights. Once more, with feeling–what part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you idiots understand?

Lastly, I was impressed by the questions–each side got some hard questions and some softballs. Pretty well done.

I think there is a clear choice between the candidates. I think President Bush is better suited to lead this country for the next 4 years. Nothing I’ve seen or heard in these debates has swayed that opinion.


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