Don’t trust a cop to uphold the law

Time for some local blogging with larger implications. The Alamance County, NC sheriff did a little investigation. He sent a list of 125 Hispanic voters to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and *gasp* only 38 are in the country legally.

Now call me a racist or whatever you want, but this is hardly news to those of us in North Carolina. We’ve seen the state’s Hispanic population explode–394% growth in the 90s. We know that the US has a big problem with illegal aliens, especially of Hispanic illegals. It doesn’t take a huge logical leap to figure out a lot of that 394% growth is made up of illegal aliens.

So, what does our intrepid sheriff do? Does he start arresting these people for voter fraud? Call in the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement people to round up and deport the illegal aliens?

Oh no–“he now intends to take the information to lawmakers“. Why? So they can pass another law he won’t enforce?

I’ve always had a distrust of elected law enforcement officials. Wonder why?

And more to the point, I wonder what the presidential candidates, both of whom have been shamelessly pandering to the Hispanic vote, have to say about illegal aliens during the debate tonight? I’d bet you a steak dinner it won’t have anything to do with concrete measures to stop it.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s words: “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

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