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I’m going to post on the Supreme Court vacancy/nomination since something worthy of note has finally happened. President Bush has nominated John G. Roberts, currently sitting on the US Court of Appeals (DC circuit) to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Conner.

I’ve done a quickie Google of the guy, and based on that, he looks like a good choice. He seems to understand the limits of the US Constitution, he doesn’t subscribe to the “living document” nonsense the left spouts, and doesn’t seem to demonstrate any of the “dark and creepy” tendencies many conservatives exhibit.

His record on the Second Amendment is pretty much either not there or well hidden. I’d feel more comfy if theree was some record of his thoughts on it, but based on what I’ve read, I think he’ll agree with the Framer’s intent on that subject.

Of course, the Loopy Left/Feminist Harpies/Perpetually Indignant are looply harping on the indignity of having this guy thrust upon them as a nominee to the Supreme Court. This is predictable–I suspect if Bush had nominated Jesse Jackson (how’s that for being the stuff nightmares are made of) they would be in just as big an uproar. The problem for them is not so much who is nominated but who is doing the nominating. They simply can not figure out how to exist in a world that doesn’t agree with their prejudices.

At any rate, it’s on now. I hope Judge Roberts has an exceptionally thick skin, a supportive family (the Feminist Harpies are already upset that his wife is *gasp* pro-life) and a lot of friends, because he’s going to need them.

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