I have a plan–Wictory Wednesday

Wictory Wednesday rolls on toward victory! Other Wictory Wednesday bloggers are

20 days to the election. In most states, voter registration is closed. It’s time to get into serious “get out the vote” work. You can help. You can Walk the Vote. Get in touch with your local Republican Party Office–they’ll be running phone banks, calling the registered Republicans in your area to remind them about the importance of their vote. Do you own campaign–talk to your friends, coworkers, acquaintances and family and remind them to vote.

I feel this election is the most important one in recent history. I don’t feel that we’ve had this stark a choice since Reagan versus Carter. I don’t want to go back to tax and spend, pessimism and big government. I don’t want style over substance. I know you don’t either. Let’s all get in there and pull out the stops for our guy.

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