Dead. Dead, dead, dead, DEAD!

(Everyone else stole my best ideas for a title. Kim du Toit got my “Ding, dong, the witch’s dead” line. Guess I have to get up earlier in the mornings….)

The “Evil Black Guns That Scare Us” (aka 1994 Assualt Weapons Ban) is now an unlamented (at least by me and most other “gun nuts”) piece of history.

Like the Eighteen Amendment, which enacted Prohibition, this has been a failed experiment. Of couse, groups like the Brady Campaign will lament loud and long that is was a striking success, but those are just words. Look at the facts, the numbers, the statistics. The blasted thing was useless, and maybe worse than useless. (If you have a link to the follow-on study, please leave it as a comment. I can’t find it online anywhere.)

For a change, we have gotten a little sliver of our freedom back. It doesn’t happen often, so it’s our responsibility to be sure we keep it. Look for the “Son of AWB” to arrive sometime after the election. When it does, call, write and email your Senators and Representative and let them know about your opposition in no uncertain terms. You can bet that if we don’t guard our freedoms, they won’t.

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