Oh my aching back


“They” tell you that when you turn 40 that you just fall apart, that it’s all downhill from 40. blah, blah, blah. In my case, they were wrong by 2 years.

About 42, I started having digestive problems, which cumulated in the removal of my gall bladder last August. Hurray! says I, expecting things to get back to normal. That is not how it’s going.

Since a school bus accident at the age of 12, I’ve had some problems with my back. I’ve always been able to manage them through stretching and exercise. But since January, it’s been hurting in a new place in a new way. Trips to the MD have netted some advice, but no real relief.

At the continued suggestion of coworkers, I’m trying a chiropractor. Now I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve always viewed chiropractic medicine with the same jaundiced eye that I would view astrology. So I’m going at this with something of a skeptical mindset.

That said, my first 2 experiences have not been what I expected–no New Age nonsense, no herbs, no rattles. (Well, I really didn’t expect rattles.) And so far, he has been able to give me some relief. Not a huge amount, but enough that I can notice it. Of course, it could also be a placebo effect, but I can’t say.

Stay tuned, and I’ll try to give you some updates on the process. Hopefully, we’ll all learn something out of this.

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