A few thoughts about the War on Terror

and then I think I’ll shut up for the day.

Here’s my take on the War on Terror.

This is a war, but it isn’t like any sort of war we’ve ever fought. The enemy has no country, no defined “home”. We can’t go invade somewhere, as we did in Europe in World War II, fight our way to their capital, and force a surrender.

What they do have is an ideology. I’ve heard it called many things, but Islamo-fascism seems to be the as accurate a name as any, so I’m going to use it.

These creatures (sorry, but they aren’t people, and I won’t dignify them with the name) take cover behind religion. It’s an old religion, one of the fire, sword and forced conversions–like many religions. But it had become more peaceful in the last few hundred years–like many religions.

But their primary goal isn’t religious–it’s to force their view of what civilization should be on all of us. If they can’t do that, they’re content to kill us, especially if they can die in the process. Religion is a cover, not a goal, for them.

Their view of civilization frightens and angers me. They want to drag us back to the 11th Century. They want my daughter to wear a certain manner of dress, assume certain place–several steps behind her husband, head down, subservient. My wife should assume the same position. So should your daughters, your wives.

Our sons should be ready to martyr themselves for Allah, for which they will receive sexual rewards in heaven.


I will fight these creatures, as best as I am able.

I will die if necessary, to protect my family and my fellows.

I will not surrender.

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