Clinton’s bypass

I wasn’t going to be petty (yeah right!), but since no one else I’ve been reading seems to have picked up on this, I thought I’d comment on it.

We all know by now that former President Bill Clinton (*hawk* *spit*) had a quadruple bypass earlier this week. But no one has commented that America’s First Black President (Hey, Toni Morrison said so in a 1998 piece in The New Yorker) didn’t have the work done in a Harlem hospital, or in a publicly-funded hospital? Instead, he chose NewYork-Presbyterian, who describe themselves as

…one the most comprehensive university hospitals in the world, with leading specialists in every field of medicine. We are composed of two renowned medical centers, Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork Weill Cornell Medical Center, and affiliated with two Ivy League medical institutions, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

So I guess that when it comes to walking the walk, the former Prez doesn’t believe in government-funded medical care any more than us evil Conservatives do. How surprising.

Chalk this one up as another instance of Liberal hypocrisy.

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