The party of envy and hate

As we get closer to the political parties’ conventions and the November elections, the shrill tone of the social left and their tame lapdogs, the “mainstream” media are really starting to get on my nerves.
NPR, which is usually just mostly annoying, is absolutely over the top.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN (spit) and MSNBC are trying very hard to catch up.  Most major newspapers are rah-rahing for Kerry and Edwards as hard as they can editorialize.  Left-symp websites like the Daily Kook, er, Kos are just beside themselves.
They can’t believe that the Toxic Twins aren’t winning in the polls by a landslide.  Why, that idiot Bush is not only still ahead, he’s getting further ahead in many places.  (Don’t believe me?  Read the actual poll results, not the headlines.)  Can’t people understand he’s evil?!
And there’s their problem.  The Twins can’t run on their records–if they try, they die.  They can’t keep promising new programs–the tab is already $621 billion (or more, this is the Boston Globe after all) and rising.  They can’t find anything good to talk about–it’s all Iraq is a mess, the economy is a mess (as long as you don’t read the financial stats, anyway), the country is augering into the ground.  They sound like Chicken Little.
Except when the hate for George Bush starts spewing out.  And that’s what it does every time any of them talk for more than a few minutes.  The don’t dislike the man, the don’t disagree with him, they hate him.  Passionately.  If hate could kill, Bush would be a smoking cinder on the Oval Office carpet.
That’s why I think Bush is going to win in November.  It may be a narrow win, but I think he’ll win because the all-important undecided voters are starting to realize that the Democrats are the party of envy and hate.

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