It’s that time again

It’s time to raise your level of awareness. No, you can’t live in Condition Orange all the time, but if you live in a city, if you live near a large concentration of a certain group of “immigrants”, if you have to be near crowds, then current events dictate heightened awareness.

There are going to be more, and it’s only a matter of time before one or more happen here. Don’t be caught unaware. If you go out and even if you don’t, go armed if you have you carry permit. If don’t have a carry permit, get on that.

Spicey times may be upon us. We’ll know soon.

1 thought on “It’s that time again

  1. There has been an infiltration in small towns too. I’ve read in local news that large numbers of ‘families’ are being housed in local motels, and town services are expected to provide medical and financial assistance. No statement of how the towns will do this or who the immigrants are. 30 ‘families’ in one case, 150 people in another. There are Middle Eastern and Chinese coming up through the southern US border.

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