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In answer to Fido’s implied question

Original nabbed from Western Rifle Shooters. Your red line may vary.

One could argue with the above graphic. For example, Item 2, “Symbolization: People are forced to identify themselves” hasn’t happened to any great extent. This is because quite a few of us fly our freak flag without being asked.

It’s also possible that Item 7, “Preparation: Official action to remove/relocate people” has already started with the unlimited and unconstitutional detainment of those who participated in the 1/6 festivities. Whether Item 7 is in play or not, your time to acquire what goods you need is getting shorter by the day. If you are at all able, start acquiring soonest.

4 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. ok, so we’ve identified a pattern, and strongly suspect an objective is coming. Reality is never as simple as our models, so thanx pointing out that these mileposts are not necessarily sequencial, and may be open to judgement call.

    Clearly the anticipated objective is unacceptable; at what point (milepost?) should we feel compelled to defend ourselves? I take it this (7) is *your* red line. So, how does that manifest? Construction of (or repurposing to) FEMA camps? If “unofficial” groups engage in relocation/removal via violence/intimidation/riots (inspiring a mass exodus from cities for instance) with official support (from Soros DAs, and bail funding, for example), does that qualify? More vaguely, large numbers feel compelled to “remove” themselves from public forums and discussion, banking, cities, etc. Many have been forcibly relocated from their jobs by mandates. Many have been forcibly removed from their livelihood by deplatforming, defunding, depersoning. Does any of that count?

    To be clear, these are straight questions. I’m unclear about their answers. I will not fault anyone who draws a line at (4), yet I am so jaundiced about the state of the general public, and their willingness to defend themselve, that I might not draw my line until (8), and maybe then only when it comes to my door. That answer doesn’t “feel” right in light of history, which is why I put so much effort into thinking this out, but by “line” I mean having such certainty that one would die for this cause. Of course the objective of a soldier is not to die for his cause, but to get the other guy to die for his.

    Timing is everything. Right now it *seems* like our position should improve when they cancel the elections, or rig them so massively that it’s visible from space (again), so I’m still saying “don’t take the bait”, but I’ve lost certainty, and will fault no one for reaching a different conclusion.

  2. I think we are seeing bits and pieces of 1 through 7, but not all across the board, to all people, in all locations. Other people may have a different view. The line, and focus, changes, depending where you are and who your local officials are.
    I guess the best we can do is prep, and keep your ears open. And keep your powder dry, ammo at the ready if necessary.

  3. Keep in mind that there are more programs underway to genocide Heritage Americans than just the anti-maga one. There is the deliberate radicalization of blacks against whites that has been underway for years and has resulted in the epidemic of furious, violent, attacks on innocent whites all over the country every single day. Many black leaders have quite openly called for killing and eliminating whites with near zero repercussions. Organizations formed and working for this are BLM, Justice Department, ANTIFA, etc.

    The kungflu bioweapon attacks and the deathVaxx response are also a genocidal scheme. It may be true that it is directed at the world as a whole, but it will likely fall most heavily on Euro derived nations, to include this one. Let’s see, this one has a huge list of coordinating organizations to include the WHO, CDC, FDA, DOD, NIH, and the entire Executive branch.

    The illegal alien invasion across the southern border, as part of the Great Replacement, is clearly also a mechanism for genocide against Heritage Americans. Most of the dirty work is being done by the Executive branch, foreign and domestic private parties and financial enablers, and the DOJ.

    There are many others in progress that you could make the same case for. Taken as a whole, the plan seems to be to kill off as many as possible with the bioweapons (the death toll quickens with each booster), take down the supporting resources both public and private that support Americans (the economy, reliable energy, food abundance), and wait for the inevitable change in demographic equilibrium fostered by the Barbarian Migrations to physically overwhelm the pitiful Heritage remnants in the resulting struggle for food, fuel, jobs, and shelter that will be triggered by the converging threads of the crisis.
    It may seem fantastic that Americans can be pushed right out of their homes by any of this, but if you think about it there has been a taste of it already in the course of the last 2 years. The covid lockdowns and rent moratoriums basically turned over the private property of the landlords to the non-rent paying squatters. There was no amnesty or epidemic freeze on mortgage debt or real estate property taxes was there? The BLM/Antifa riots burned out many residential areas and small businesses and ruined wide swathes of many cities. The ongoing antics of these groups in places like Portland Oregon are causing normal people to sell at a huge loss and leave these places. The vast majority of Americans also have a mortgage on their own homes, and if TPTB manage to crash the economy thoroughly enough , how many people are going to be out of work, under water, in default, and evicted? Financial ruination and homelessness among Heritage Americans has to be central to the plan to eliminate them. The preferred classes of BIPOC people and the new Barbarian arrivals will be gifted the vacant forclosed former homes of the middle class and presto? replacement complete.
    None of this means that the anti-Maga campaign is not real and underway, I just think it is intended to be intimidation of the right while all the rest of this is underway and prevent them from coalescing into a more effective movement. It has been pointed out many times that the security forces do not have the numbers to go door to door and round up half the people in this country. If they let the other legs of this genocide run their course, they ma not have to.

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