We can has the good stuff

(Via The Merge)

We’re all familiar with things like Google Earth. How about something done by synthetic aperture radar, with 16 cm resolution? Availability of sites is limited, but I bet we’ll start getting a lot of this sort of thing for free or extremely low cost soon.

2 thoughts on “We can has the good stuff

  1. Anyone who uses “impactful” should be flogged.
    “single-looked” and “multi-looked” deserve “multi-derision”.
    Of what use is sat imagery to us common folk?

    1. Up-to-date imagery is a must-have so you can get a better idea of the things that surround your home or a bug-out location. A library of imagery would be great to track the changes in that same area. You can use it to help verify bugout routes. Or you can just be snoopy and see what your neighbors have in their backyard. 🙂

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