Pretty soon your toilet will have AI technology

At least at the rate we’re going. Check out these headlines:

Microsoft Adds Bing AI to Windows 11, Expanding Access Further

Microsoft is adding more AI smarts and other new tools to Office

And my privacy-oriented browser and search engine of choice, Brave, is all in as well:

Brave adds AI-powered Summarizer tool to its search

At least one Linux distribution is head-down in the Kool-Aid bucket, even if they aren’t incorporating it into the OS:

AI on Ubuntu: the path to production

I haven’t managed to eliminate the last vestiges of Google from my life and now I get to start on Microsoft, which is far more a part of my life than Google ever was. Then there’s Apple, who owns my iThings. Maybe I just need to go back to pen and paper.

1 thought on “Pretty soon your toilet will have AI technology

  1. No ‘smart’ technology for us either. Our phones are basic and only used to make phone calls. The iPads are info sources, can’t get away from that. But we won’t use anything with a mind of it’s own, as it were. I’m sure AI is still on our periphery, but I’m not bringing in any more if possible.

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