Where was Jack when the lights went out?

Stumbling around in the dark, cursing himself because he hadn’t bought a decent flashlight, and hoping that sound he heard wasn’t an intruder.

A few words of flashlight advice: While the 1000+ lumen lights are great for outside work, such as search and rescue, in the interior of most homes they are vicious overkill. That much light bounces all over the place and can render you nearly as blind as it will the bad guy you’re hoping not to find. For inside work, 300-500 lumens seems to be a good spot. Get a small light, or one that has some intermediate settings instead of “off” and “fry their eyes out”.

Batteries-more is better. I like the rechargeable lights/batteries, as long as I have a way to recharge them in a power outage. A light that can use both rechargeable and throw-away batteries is a wonderful thing.

Some people will tell you not to buy lights that use the CR-123 battery because they’re expensive/hard to find. Everything is expensive these days, but you can find these batteries everywhere. I’ve bought them at Walmart, for Pete’s sake. Buy a bunch-they keep for years.

Now for a bit of housekeeping. The heat here has broken and the humidity is way down, which means the outdoors is something you can enjoy again. However, that means that all the outdoor work must now be done. So on top of mow/trim/blow (my minimum outdoor tasks when the heat index is 120+o), there are trees and bushes to be trimmed, weeds to be eradicated, stump holes to fill 🙂 and so on. Add in the outdoor events put on by various local organizations that Mrs. Freeholder and I would like to attend and I’m a rather busy boy. I’ve got a ton of stuff I want to post and no time to do it. I’ll try to make some time, though.

Now I’m off to balancing credit card and bank statements.

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