Still here, still at it

Slowly wearing down, though. I figure I have one good day left in me and them I’ll need a break or a miracle. Of course, there is also one day of unseasonably warm weather left, so it sort of works out.

One lesson I’ve renewed-do not allow maintenance to fall behind. It’s rough to get it caught up. When it’s home maintenance, it’s worse. Last year the house didn’t get pressure washed because the Wuflu Follies closed my neurologist’s office for months, and I got hopelessly off track on some of my migraine meds. Botox doesn’t lend itself to DIY at home. Because of that, I had far fewer good days than I should have, and the result of that was things got triaged.

I’m around 2/3 of the way through the task of pressure washing. I worked today until I ran out of daylight. I imagine tomorrow will be the same. Time to shower and get some rest. Laterz.

1 thought on “Still here, still at it

  1. We’ve had some good days too. Drained the rain barrels and took down gutters, put away hoses and tools. My husband prepped the plow truck, tractor, and snowblower. Finished cleaning up the gardens, and mulched leaves.

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