It’s just our economy-no biggie

I’m catching up on some reading this afternoon. This excellent piece on how our economy is being squeezed to death was on John Wilder’s place. You should go read it. I’ll wait here…

Now that you’ve read it, I’m guessing it was written, at the latest, last Tuesday. That means the numbers in it our probably 10-20% low. In less than a week. Let that sink in, but not too long. You need another load of groceries.

1 thought on “It’s just our economy-no biggie

  1. I nearly had a heart attack when I reached the dairy aisle today. 18 eggs was marked $4.39. 2 yrs ago they were usually about $1.69. Pasta was $1.25/lb, used to be .89 or less. Store brand English muffins used to be .99 for 6. They’ve been increasing over the last 2 yrs, now up to $1.49.
    Gas is holding steady at $5 for regular. Our local station is under, at 4.79.

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