When it rains, it Wuflus

Well, it's half-true. The full moon was on the 16th.

I’ll try and do the posts I wanted to do 6 days ago sometime soon. But for right now, this is the post you’re going to get.

Last Monday and Tuesday (the 16th/full moon and 17th) were working as a polling place worker for the 2022 NC Primary Election. An interesting experience. Wednesday (the 18th) was a “time off” day. I was tired. 4 hours of sleep and 14 hours on your feet do that to you.

Thursday (the 19th) was tracking down and purchasing a replacement refrigerator to replace the one that had taken the last train for the coast on Sunday (the 15th). On Thursday night I started feeling like a migraine was cranking up. Well, it had been nearly 2 weeks, so…. I tried the lightweight meds, then the heavier stuff. And it got a lot worse. I was at least able to get myself to bed without puking. I didn’t sleep well, and only managed a few hours sleep in total.

Friday (the 20th) I was slightly sicker than the proverbial dog. I figured I had picked up a flu-like bug. That’s what it felt like-a nasty case of the flu.

At 2 AM Saturday morning (the 21st) I woke up for the 5th-6th time from a dream where I couldn’t breathe. I think that last one was the “hole in the spacesuit” dream. At any rate, I grabbed my stuff and went to the den, propping myself up in the recliner. Then I made myself an appointment at the doc-in-a-box for 11 AM. Once there, the nice young lady checked me in, called me back, listened kindly to my tale of woe and said, “That sounds like COVID. Let me get a test for you.” She explored both nostrils with the over-wrought Q tip and send in a PA. PA said “It sounds like COVID, but it will be an hour or so for the test to come back. You can go home and we’ll call you.” Rad. For this I paid $70.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was the Wuflu, but I had to admit the possibility. So when I got home, I broke into the Vitamin I and the quercetin/bromelain stashes and washed down appropriate amounts of each. I take the rest of the FLCCC Early Treatment Protocol on a daily basis just because it offers good immune support, so I was ahead of the game there. And about an hour later, the PA dude called to tell me I was positive for COVID and that there wasn’t any treatment for it, but that I needed to monitor my blood oxygen level and go to the ER if it dropped to 90 or less.

Well, thank you there, Sparky. It’s a good thing I’ve a a bit of medical training, or I’d have not had the least clue what you were talking about or a way to implement it. And considering that you’ve just blown it on the “There isn’t any treatment for it” thing, I’m not sure how far I trust you anyway. Of course, if I was interested in being “fair”, I would admit that they guy is probably constrained by his employer and the medical establishment from displaying any sort of unapproved thoughts on the efficacy of the approved COVID treatment regimes. I am not interested in being fair. If we wish to keep evil from triumphing, good men must stand. I’m starting to like the looks of this particular hill.

I also took time to remind my wife where our advanced directives are kept, just in case she had to threaten someone with legal action. I may die, but I’m not dying hooked up to a bunch of machines, dying slowly and spending the money she’ll need when I’m not around.

Oh, and on Saturday I had to oversee the installation of the new refrigerator, plus hooking it up to the water line for the icemaker.

Meet Bellatrix. Not the Harry Potter Bellatrix, but the original Latin version. She looks much better without the dirt and the fleas, and after a few days of good eating.

Also on Saturday we took “delivery” of a new kitten, which was rescued by a neighbor’s niece. She couldn’t keep her due to 5 pre-existing dogos. I’m hip, from the opposite direction-it’s why we don’t have any dogos. She goes to the vet tomorrow, where we are praying for a clean feluke test. Although if we don’t get it, it probably won’t make a bit of difference. I guess we’ll just have to hope the feline vaccines work better than the human vaccines. She’s too sweet to give up easily. I’m pretty sure she was dumped on that busy road where she was found, and whoever did that missed out on a great cat. I hope that some day I run across them in the proverbial dark alley.

I started feeling better on Sunday (the 22nd) and feeling quite a bit better today, Monday (the 23rd). I have every reason to expect that I will be mostly ready to go by the time my sentence in the Wuflu Jail is up next Sunday (the 28th). For the record, I believe I ran a low grade fever the first two days and that resolved by the end of the third day. I had a headache that rivaled a migraine during the evening of the first day and that was present but less dreadful on the second day; resolving by the end of the second day. I had some pretty bad muscular and joint soreness the first four days, and that has resolved today (day 5). Food tastes like crap-everything except Pepsi Zero has a gross, bitter aftertaste. My appetite is 90% missing, but I’ve lost a few pounds. My sleep has been bad, and I’ve taken a few 4 hour naps. I even missed showering the second day, which is how Mrs. Freeholder figured out that I was *very* sick. Pulse-ox never dipped below 95 on my meter, which show 98 when I’m hitting on all cylinders.

I do not recommend the Wuflu. That doesn’t mean I’ve changed my position on it-it’s a really nasty flu. If your health is poor, if you’re further up in years than I am and/or you have a bunch of comorbidities, it can be deadly, Just. Like. The. Flu. Unless you die, it isn’t the end of the world. If you die, I will pray for the salvation of your soul.

But certain people and groups have used it to nearly destroy our global society, which, while lacking in a lot of ways, wasn’t so bad.

I hope these people are damned to a Special Hell.

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  1. Good to hear from you again. Sorry to hear of your misery WuFlu episode. Coincidentally, I was sick last week with many same symptoms. Went to the doc, got the test, negative for all flu, Doc said it’s probably just a stomach bug. Took IVM and quercetin anyway. Lasted 6 days, and food still doesn’t taste good. By the way, there’s a huge recall on Jif peanut butter for salmonella. I eat that everyday, so maybe….
    Nice little kitty. Kudos for taking her in.

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