I’m well

It’s just I don’t see much to write about. We’re pretty much in the same place we’ve occupied for the last while. I suppose we’re Waiting for Godot after a fashion. You don’t need me to tell you that things aren’t looking so good and you need to see to your position vis-a-vis beans, bullets and band aids forthwith yet again. I will say one thing-it’s never to late to start. If all you have is 50# of pinto beans, you’re ahead of the guy who has 0# of pintos.

In the good news department today would have marked the 19th day of No Migraine, except I finally had one. As they go it was a mild one. I still got almost everything accomplished that needed to be accomplished with the help of a single dose of my weakest rescue med. I’m actually happy with this as far as I can be. It’s a new record for TBM (Time Between Migraines). It also gave me some experience with what an on-coming migraine feels like with the new cocktail of meds. The next big thing will be to see how I feel tomorrow and what the TBM is for the next occurrence.

Via Western Rifle Shooters I found the Substack of Doomberg. I’ve read a couple of his things, and so far I’m interested. If that holds up, I’m going to have to open another list over on the right of Interesting Substacks.

Most other things are going well. I’m getting things done and enjoying life more than I’ve been able to in a while. Mountain Man and his wife are visiting tomorrow. We plan to attend the Military Vehicles Collectors Show, held at the Denton (NC) Farmpark. Maybe I can buy myself some serious body armor. 🙂

One piece of bad news is that the Greensboro (NC) Gun Show is apparently no more. It seems that the City of Greensboro has somehow maneuvered things so that they could cancel it, even though such things are against the law. But when did a little thing like the law ever stop government for having their way? I’ll be watching this one, but given how under the radar it was up until now, I doubt that the truth ever comes out or that anyone is ever held responsible. I guess the Concord Gun Show or perhaps the Hickory Gun Show will now be my go-to when I want to go to a show. Given this happens infrequently these days, the extra travel time is a minor inconvenience.

Time to go. Daughter and Son-In-Law have taken a well-deserved Long Weekend at the Beach After Tax Season (Part 1), and I’m grandcat sitting.

Keep on keepin’ on. I am.

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  1. No news can be good news. If this keeps up, we may be forced to trade cute kitty pics for something to write about.

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