Fine Art Tuesday

You would think that, for someone who has always loved to read, that literature wouldn’t be a hard task. Au contraire. This is because my taste in reading has always ran to science fiction, history and how-to.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t read great literature, but it was always because I had to for a class assignment. I did occasionally find the odd book, such as The Great Gatsby, that I enjoyed tremendously. But right now, probably because I have other things on my mind, I’m drawing a blank on any author that I enjoyed that I haven’t already used as a subject. So, with regret, for this week I’m going to have to take a pass.

And lord help, the next two weeks are dance and theater, two more weak spots. I’m going to have to consider on this.

1 thought on “Fine Art Tuesday

  1. I’ve got some good recommendations for your great American literature list. Always loved reading Rex Stout’s novels using his most famous characters Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin! Mr. Stout wrote between 1934 and 1975. Robert Goldsborough then picked up continuation of Nero & Archie’s tales, bringing them into the more modern age. I’ve read all the novels multiple times, and plan on starting the entire “series” again real soon!

    My niece Jamie had her 3rd child, Jaclyn May (JM as a future nickname?), almost a month ago. My sister, her mother Cindy, was real happy that everything turned out well for them all. She was also happy to have another grand-DAUGHTER instead of another grand-SON! Take that for whatever it’s worth.

    Jamie was instructed from a young age by her father Frank to shoot the cricket rifle and other firearms in time. No time like the present to begin planning ahead for when that day arrives, I’d say.

    Take care of yourselves & stay safe out there.

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