Dried beef

Another prepping item from Frugal Squirrels is this method for drying beef. This could be really handy in an emergency, as long as one has access to the ingredients.

I’m reminded of when my Dad, who traveled a lot for work when I was young, would make chipped beef on toast for supper on Sunday evening. That’s one of those treasured memories.

7 thoughts on “Dried beef

  1. Chipped beef on toast? I’m guessing he called it something different.

    As an NC expat (originally from the Piedmont, but now successfully escaped to the Land of the Palmetto), I appreciate your blog. Stay safe,

  2. Same here, I appreciate it and find it very insightful. One of my favorite reads each day.

  3. Um, took me a bit to figger out “method for drying beef” is supposed to be a link. It looks like it’s been struck out and I got an “invalid link” response when I tried it. I’m starting to dislike computers. 🙂 Please don’t take any of the foregoing personally.

    1. The strikethrough is indicative of a broken link-I have a broken link plugin that polices such things. The new owner of the forum is changing things around, and he changed the names of various forums and has broken links across the Intertubz. I will refrain from expounding on how not to do this, but things don’t have to be this way. *sigh* The link is repaired, but he is blocking access if you don’t have a login. Those are free.

  4. While it has been a while since I last went there, I don’t recall having to log in.
    It has been a few years though.
    I still have a few stories on my computer from there.

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