It’s here!

The new keyboard has arrived, and first impression is WHOOPEE! Some small part of that is because it’s anything besides that blasted little POS I’ve been using. But the largest part is that this thing is solid. It’s heavy, the buckling spring keys have a nice tactile feedback and it simply feels good under my fingers. I could do without the bright blue indicator LEDs for the NUM/CAP/SCROLL locks, but if it really annoys me I can deal with that. And it is noisy compared to the newer keyboards that use those rubber domes.

Younger people who didn’t learn to touch type on a manual typewriter, under the watchful eye of a typing teacher with a ruler, probably wouldn’t care for it. And I’m having to adjust to a good keyboard again, but I like this. I may have to get one for the ham radio computer.

And liquids are banished from this desk.

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