CCRKBA Gun Banner List

The word boycott written in red letters and isolated on a white background illustration. Vector EPS 10 available.

The most recent version of the CCRKBA‘s “Don’t Feed The Gun Prohibitionists!” is now available.

I’ll be honest-while I appreciate their point, it’s not realistic. Let’s say that I’m not going to do business with any company on this list. Dandy.

But, as a conservative/libertarian/anarcho-capitalist/introvert (sorry, I’m a complicated individual), I guess I also need to boycott anyone on this definitive list of leftist companies. There are commonalities there, but a lot of additions to my list.

Then there is this list. And this one. And this one. And this one.

Getting the drift yet? If you boycott everyone who has decided to join the Wokies, pretty soon you’re left with a very few places you can shop. Gun stores unfortunately don’t sell groceries.

“Spend your money with the local mom and pops!” You mean like the several I could name here in the Bitty Burg that supported last summer’s Antifa protests? Just because they’re a small business doesn’t mean they can’t be just as Woke and virtue signalling as Amazon and Coca-Cola.

I see this as a problem that “our side” has to solve. You can’t target every company out there that has decided to go Woke. If we want to make them “go broke”, then we’re going to need to focus all are energies on just one, make them feel the heat but good, and then leverage that win when going after the next victim. Now, who makes the decisions on which businesses and in what order is the next problem. Who do we trust to make The List?

Our views make us an innately difficult group to organize. Think herding cats while the cats are on meth. And that’s going to have to change.

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