Incrementally Better

As I noted on the final post at the old Blogger site:

B was right, there is more learning curve than I anticipated. It would help if I was putting more time into it, but needs must.

At this point, the new site is up, and if you want to follow the sausage being made, head over to It is still very much a work in progress. I have migrated all the posts, the comments and the tags that exist. Things like the blogroll and so on are having to be done by hand-there doesn’t seem to be a way to export/import those. The posts don’t appear in order, I need to kill off the categories, and all the posts belong to the wrong author. Plus a lot of other things.

I’m going to leave this here for now, but this will be the last new post here, barring big problems. Once the new site is up and to my satisfaction, this version of it will turn into a re-direct. I’m not leaving anything for Google.

The re-direct is in place. If you go to the old Blogger site, you get automagically popped to this one.

The import from Blogger hasn’t been perfect. I’ve found a number of formatting issues, some of which I’ll fix, most of which I’ll leave. they may get fixed as I trip across them in the future.

I’ve figured out some interesting and occasionally advanced things on this new platform. I’m still learning some of the most basic things, like text formatting. All the posts are now visible and in chronological order.

Blogger made some complex things simple, at the cost of inflexibility and the more than occasional “Well that didn’t work like I wanted.” WordPress doesn’t insulate you from much, so you have to dig around, looking for things. And they’re not in the places I’m used to.

It’s an adventure.

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