Fine Art Tuesday

Nerissa, John William Godward, 1906

I am a sucker for this sort of thing-I admit it. There is a terrible kink in my makeup that draws me toward these ethereal sorts of paintings.

John William Godward was an English painter of the Neo-Classical school. Born in 1861, it’s believed he attended the St. John’s Wood Art School and the Clapham School of Art. His works were exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists. He became estranged from his family in 1912 when he moved to Italy with one of his models. He returned to England in 1921 and committed suicide in 1922 at the age of 61, supposedly due to the rise of Cubism. It’s said that his suicide note said that the world was not big enough for both him and Picasso.

Note: Fine Art Tuesday was started by Eaton Rapids Joe in memory of Ol’ Remus, late proprietor of  the Woodpile Report. If you’re a blogger and are so moved, please feel free to join us with your own Fine Art Tuesday post.

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