Seen and heard

A little blurry, but this is a “Get On Board
The Trump Train” flag at the
campground, Nov. 8, 2020. It wasn’t
the only Trump Flag flying. Or Gadsden
Flag, either.

We were able to get away from home, but there is no escaping the election of 2020.

On the trip to the campground, it appears very few people, on either side, have removed yard signs, bumper stickers or flags. I don’t think anyone but the media thinks this is over at this point. Given the evidence I’m seeing of voter fraud, that’s a wise viewpoint.

No one I talked to or heard believes that Trump lost the election fairly. No one. There’s a group of folks we’ve been RVing with for some years now, and we sit around and talk when we’re together. Not one person in the group, including a couple of Chicago Democrats who came South years ago and have remained hard-core Dems, voted for Biden and none of them believe Trump lost.

At supper of Friday night, even in the socially-distanced restaurant, it was impossible to miss the conversations at nearby tables. The subject was the election and their disbelief in the outcome as presented by the mainstream media. Also heard was the simple, heart-felt conclusion that this was going to lead to bloodshed. This was stated as a simple fact, in the same tone of voice you might hear someone say it was nice weather today.

When you RV, it’s a thing that you talk to folks you don’t know. Hi, I’m So-and-so, where are you from, that sort of thing. This time most people got to “So what do you think of the election?” pretty quickly. That violates an unspoken rule that things that might lead to arguments aren’t discussed among fresh acquaintances.

At home, we had supper with our kids Sunday evening. Random guy at the restaurant starts talking to me about the election after I made a comment about the line being because half the tables were closed thanks to our governor. He was, shall we say, unhappy with things. Very unhappy.

Welcome to the club.

I know two guys who are running their reloading presses today. I know of others who are hitting the grocery stores, filling up holes on their shelves. (By the way, the grocery store we were in was pretty well stocked. I wonder how long that’s going to last.) I know folks who are raiding their cash reserves to buy various items they believe are going to be useful or needful Real Soon Now. This is just a few people, but I just sort of doubt they’re alone.

This is far from over. The President’s legal teams are ramping up for a legal offensive the likes of which we’ve never seen, not even in 2001. We can not know how this is going to end, but I choose to believe that the truth will come out. Keep. The. Faith.

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