YouTube follies

Selected because he looks like he could work for YouTube

Despite an dislike for all things Alphabet (the parent of Google, YouTube, etc.) it seems to be a fact of life that you can’t avoid them.

YouTube in particular is a big thing for me. Despite their obvious attempts to censor conservative/right wing/non-Leftist speech, they effectively can’t, or half their viewership will evaporate-and there go the profits. So there are still things on there that I’ll watch.

I was going to add some channels to the Youtube list  over on the left, and found out that YouTube had helpfully unsubscribed me from half or more of the channels I had subscribed to. Many of them were on subjects or by people that I’m sure the YouTube assclowns disapprove of.

I have heard similar from others, and I do not believe this is a bug or an accident. Now I have to figure out a way to document all my subscriptions.


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