Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 8

I may as well laugh, because it’s getting more serious around here. Allow me to go over the last 48 hours of news and “stuff I’ve heard”

Son’s work is starting to cut back. 45 hours/week 2 weeks ago, 40 hours this week and 36 hours next week. I can’t say I’m surprised.

We hit another local restaurant for takeout. No drive-thru; you have to go in and pick it up. Everyone practiced proper social distancing, which, in and of itself, is a little frightening. While there, I looked at one of the tables with all the little ads on it for local businesses. I can’t help but wonder how many of them will survive this. I wonder if the restaurant will-they make the best stew beef, rice and gravy around. Don’t want to lose them.

Neighbor across the street has a bad case of afib. Went to the local hospital yesterday for an evaluation prior to a second round of cardioversion. The hospital has patients in the halls. The good news, sorta, is that it isn’t Wuflu, just seasonal flu. I’m wondering where the Wuflu patients will go.

Closest local burg announced a 9 PM-5 AM curfew. The State of NC one upped them and went for  lockdown. There goes the toilet paper again.

Neighbor across the street again. His son has been out of TP for 2 days. Married with a teenage daughter. I think this would be one of the 7 levels of Hell. The son says the grocery stores are stripped. Not sure what they’re doing for TP.

Had to take trash to the dumpsters today. While out, I took the long way home. Gas stations and grocery stores open. Grocery stores are still very busy. If they’re stripped, I’m not sure what people are buying, but they’re there anyway. Gas is getting cheaper by the day. Noted my mechanic was closed. Still quite a few people out, but you can tell the traffic volume is down. The Interstate, which would normally be busy on a Friday, looked like 2 AM. Interacted with exactly zero people. Inner introvert declares victory.

Closest gas station/convenience store is closing for “vacation”. They’re going to leave the pumps on for fuel purchases.

Saw a new house getting started. There’s some excellent timing.

Local news reports new cases of Wuflu in the county, including one in a nursing home. This will not end well, I suspect.

I would like some fresh veggies and salad stuff. I believe that can continue waiting. I’m guessing the stores are going to be idiot shows the next few days. I might try going grocery shopping when the stupid subsides. If it subsides.

Having seen plenty of what’s going on in large cities, I’m glad I live away from them. I wonder if I live far enough away.

At home, my project to build a proper ham shack continues to move along. We had swapped out the big chest freezer for an upright just before things Wuflu started really cranking up. Then I moved the gun safe into some of the vacated freezer space. Now I’m conducting a ground up re-inventory of the contents. Found a gun I’d forgotten about. Something else to laugh about.

I wish I had something else to blog about, but it seems the world is all Wuflu for now. Maybe when I get further along on the ham shack.

Y’all stay safe.

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