Oh look honey, more Change!

(Via the Drudge Report)

For our own good, for the good of the environment, for the children, and because they think they can do it, Team O wants to tax your driving by the mile. Supposedly it will “replace” the gas tax.

According to Secretary of Transportation Dimbulb, “everyone agrees” that the current system is broken and needs fixing. I suspect that he would also say that we need to drive more efficient cars so we can stop the mythical man-made global warming “crisis”. So we’re going to remove half of the reason for driving a more efficient vehicle–how much it costs you in fuel taxes. (The other half is the actual fuel costs–and just wait until they decide to meddle with that.) Brilliant, Sherlock. Sheer f-ing genius. Remind me to nominate you for the Nobel Prize in Stupid.

Froggy, I don’t think they’re going to be satisfied in just turning up the heat–I think they won’t be happy until the house is on fire.

(Edit, 2/20/09 16:17: It would seem thatthere is some internal dissension over this proposal amongst the members of Team O. As well-oiled as the campaign machine was, it seems that the actual Presidency isn’t.)

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