The most important thing you can read today

Possibly ever.

Survivorship Bias. I never heard of it either. Much to consider, there.

Here’s one to cogitate on: In self defense shootings we always look at the guy who wins the fight and try to figure out what he did right. We never look at the loser and try to figure out what he did wrong.

1 thought on “The most important thing you can read today

  1. I recently had the conversation with my daughter that the media reports the effectiveness of the seasonal flu back-asswards.

    If you had seven athletes running the high-hurdles and you handicapped three of them with twenty-pound leg-weights, you would never claim the leg-weights were ineffective because the non-handicapped runners finished 1-2-3-4.

    But that is EXACTLY what the media reports year, after year, after year.

    "Once again the CDC screwed up. The seasonal flu strains that are in most common circulation are not ones that match up with the vaccine. The vaccine is only 25% effective against them."

    Smack them with a clue-bat.

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