I’m sure some of you are thinking “Someone or a group of people has just busted through the door–how is this going to get worse?” Well, how about when the invaders torture you for information on where you’ve stashed your goodies, and when you don’t have information that mollifies them, they torture your kid.

Up next on the ladder of escalation: family murdered when they don’t have enough goodies to satisfy the invaders.

Items for you to consider: Firearms and training (obviously), driveway alarms, burglar alarms with panic buttons/central monitoring/voice response, hardened doors and door frames, shatter-resistant film for easily accessible windows, external and internal camera systems with smart phone apps and recording capabilities and safe rooms. You can do an Internet search on any of these terms and get yourself started.

Don’t think that you live in a safe neighborhood or that living in the country is going to protect you from this sort of thing. It won’t. If it isn’t crooks, it might be political opponents, or some random idiot from the Intertubz.

We used to discuss why you would want to be armed at home. Now the discussion is rapidly becoming where and how many guns and magazines to stage around your home.

6 thoughts on “Home invasions get worse

  1. There are a couple of jail escapees on the loose near us, and one is wanted for murder. We close the garage, lock the doors, pay attention when a dog barks, etc. We had one close call at home, and that was plenty.

  2. Gotta bug the landlord to fix some of those aforementioned security things…

    "Access denied" on the fauxnews link.

  3. Guy in just his skivvies came pounding on the door at 3am asking to be let in or "they" were gonna kill him. He got told to hide in the bushes. Yeah, the cops knew the guy.

  4. Robert, it isn't you. Fox keeps changing the URL for some reason. I've changed it to and ABC link. We'll see if that stays the same for any period of time.

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