Stage 1, in progress

The Virginia Senate has passed 3 anti-gun bills. No one should be surprised. These are among the less onerous bills, mandating purchase limits, mandatory background checks (hello, registration) and allowing localities to ban guns from various public events.

Make no mistake, these were passed in order to gauge the amount of anger and push-back they’ll receive. Not being a Virginia resident, the really isn’t eff-all I can do in political terms. However, as someone who travels through Virginia on a frequent basis, and a semi-regular user of the New River Trail State Park, I can do one thing. I won’t be spending any money in Virginia. No gas, even though it’s cheaper (for now), no restaurant stops and no parking fees at their state parks. Nothing that puts a dime in their pocket in any way. A small sacrifice for me, and of zero impact there, but it’s what I can do. I will let the effected Chambers of Commerce know that I’m doing this.

I am going to be working on my state Senator’s re-election campaign. I’ve known the guy for over a decade, and he’s solid on the Second Amendment. We need people like him to keep the Bloombergites bottled up in North Carolina.

It’s what I can do. For now.

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