Another report from the Calpocalypse front lines

Another video from the California PG&E power shutdowns from those who were there. Again, interesting to see how the people react.

2 thoughts on “Another report from the Calpocalypse front lines

  1. Wow. Let's hope some lessons are learned. Haven't been following the news since my employer abruptly closed down and forced me to work double shifts lest some disabled folks suffer unnecessarily. I think I wanna up my preps a bit…

    Here in Wisconsin, you can't fill a container over six gallons at the gas pump. I convinced the landlord that he needed to fill his various gas containers to run the generator so we could pump water "just in case". Multiple cans and things on wheels totaling 235 gallons takes a while to fill if you obey the six-gallon limit rule.

    I seem to be missing the "older" and "newer" navigation buttons in the new format. Any hints on moving 'twixt posts?

  2. Hmmm, it appears you have to go back to the front page and then pick a new post. I hadn't noticed it before, but I don't like that. I've also had someone point out that the mobile version pretty well sucks and after pulling it up I have to agree. As little as I don't care to spend money on this particular hobby, I'm going to have to have another look at the "paid templates" for sale. Of course as has been pointed out to me more than a couple of times, "WordPress". If I have to start paying for stuff, it may make sense to pay for it there. Even if they're as odious in their way as Google is in theirs.

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