Win some, lose some

The GP doc has been on me for a while to lose weight, and he’s right. I’m packing 40-50 extra pounds that need to go.

Crapped out thyroid doesn’t help with dieting. When the furnace is perpetually on low, it’s hard to burn those calories.

The last 2-3 weeks I’ve been trying a combination of intermittent fasting (haven’t been much on breakfast for years anyway) and calorie restriction. The goal was to lose 1 pound per week, and it seemed to be working.

Migraines started going off the scale. Today, I had a chiropractor appointment, and was planning on contacting the neurologist after about the migraines. Mentioned the situation to the chiropractor, and she said I needed to stop the fasting.

She’s right.


One thought on “Win some, lose some

  1. Mr. Freeholder – my wife and I are going through the same issues, reducing and changing our diets a good bit, losing weight gradually and getting moving again in retirement – my wife says she fasts, but she eats during an 8 hr. window (you set the window) in which she eats two, maybe three meals and avoid what sets her cholesterol, etc. off…perhaps you can expand that window a bit to ward off the migraines. At least you can modify your big meal(s) to one part of the day and taper the rest…I am no stranger to migraines and would do whatever it takes to avoid them…

    Also FWIW, we are taking in more walking for 30-45 min. several times a week and engaging locally with the Silver Sneakers program at a local gym where we do basic flexibility and movement exercises that get us past soreness where we can begin to push the envelope. When it is inclement weather or too hot to walk, the treadmills work for us….we don't do any heavy workouts with weights but look forward to doing more..

    I am about 30lbs. overweight, but am tall, so you don't suspect such. Different issues than you have, but working around them to get active again. Perhaps you can incorporate some of this into your day….oh, and Silver Sneakers, in spite of its trite name, is free to seniors through Medicare…just check out you local gym(s) and see where it is offered…

    We enjoy reading your progress prepping in retirement in western NC – best, redclay7 10/3

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