Time and timelines

Of late, we’ve been seeing a ramp up in rhetoric and violence from the Left. Reporters, politicians, academics, sports stars and their hangers on, Hollyweird types and just random leftists, often connected with Antifa groups, seem to be on the offensive. 

Folks on both sides of the street are discussing “Civil War II”, with a steadily increasing number believing that it may have already started and we simply don’t recognize it. My personal belief is that if it hasn’t started, we’re so close that it makes no practical difference. As with so many historical events, we won’t really be able to pin down the start until after the end.

Science Fiction writer Sarah Hoyt has us at “the monkey dance” stage of things:

“The left is doing the dance primates do to work themselves up to a physical attack or to make the opponent back down before the fight.”

I’m not seeing this in my local area, but I wouldn’t have to travel far. Last fall’s toppling of the statue of “Silent Sam” on the UNC-CH campus was a well-planned monkey dance, with the dancers finally working themselves up to violence. Fortunately no actual people were injured, but it’s only a matter of time. It’s happened more than once, and I think this sort of thing may have started as early as 2011, when a Reidsville, NC Confederate was destroyed by a motorist (sorry, best link I can find). At the time, everyone appeared to believe the story that it was simply an accident, but in light of current events, I think we have to reconsider. It may have just been a leading edge indicator.

Besides wondering where we are in the timeline to another civil war, we should be wondering who is financing this. Things appear to be too well coordinated for this so simply be the actions of unrelated but sympathetic groups. Dark rumors of “George Soros” fly with regularity, but those may be decoys. I’d love to see some serious criminal investigations happen, although I’m not sure what agency we could trust to do so impartially.

Leaving all this aside, if you aren’t actively on the left’s “side”, it’s time to start taking some serious steps to protect you and yours. When the balloons go up, if you aren’t seen as a Leftist, then you’re going to be the enemy. If things get bad enough, a simple trip to the grocery store may have a level of risk it would be wise to avoid.

I expect the 2020 elections may be the trigger point for widespread problems no matter who wins. If Trump wins (and I expect him to at this point), hang onto your hats. The crazy you saw in 2016 will be but the faintest echo of the events I expect to see. If one of the many Democrats running wins, I expect to see an emboldened Left quickly go too far and trigger widespread violence through their own stupidity. Things could also go sideways in the leadup to the elections. Crazies are gonna crazy, and you can’t predict just how hard they’ll crazy or when.

I’m expecting this to be a sleepwalk into widespread violence, with the flashpoint actually being some small happening that would ordinarily be dismissed, much as the Reidsville statue event I’ve referenced above. The only way to recognize it will be in hindsight.

Eyes wide open, folks.

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  1. The thing about leftists is that they are aroar in crowds, but often all-but-mute in person. They need the energy of their fellows to stand for their beliefs. Their energy comes from the mass, less through their own personal courage.

    Conservatives tend to be more … quiet. Perhaps out of confidence that their beliefs stem from conviction of their moral imperatives. They do not need to make a loud noise to sustain their political positions; they cleave to their beliefs and find no need to defend them, because their truths are self-evident.

    Unlike Liberals, who shout their convictions as if they are always under attack by "Lesser Intellects" … Conservatives tend to quietly state their support for the rights of the individual.

    Moral imperatives need no rancor; their quiet truths stand "self evident".

    For example: moral people do not need to defend their stand on abortion, because we know that human life is sacred. Women who become pregnant through "chance" (not intention) consider that "My Body/My Choice" gives them the right to terminate THEIR pregnancy; but in fact the pregnancy is not theirs, but their child's.

    When my wife became pregnant, we were ecstatic; when the child spontaneously aborted we were desolate. We wanted that child.

    Later, when we (she) became pregnant twice, we were blessed by two healthy children who have since begat children of their own. We welcomed our grandchildren as if they were our own, and love them dearly.

    We want our children, and grandchildren, to live in a peaceful America. We don't want riots, civil unrest, or any other than a peaceful America in their future.

    The best that "WE" (you and I) can do is to live peacefully, not offending our fellows, and attempting to be "good fellows" to our friends … and making as many friends as possible.

    "Widespread violence"?

    I hope we can avoid that. there is no need for violence between friends. In America, we are all "friends".

    The phrase "Widespread violence" implies "universal". Violence is unavoidable, in some situations. Avoiding the acrimony which leads to violence should be part of living a peaceful life, it shouldn't be very difficult. (I haven't been in a fight for decades! I've never "won" a fight! Today, I'm embarrassed that I ever wanted to win a fight.)

    Nobody ever "Won a Civil War" … nor should they.

    There is no winning a family feud. Everybody loses.

    The mere fact of battle with your brothers is evidence that the conflict could have (should have) been avoided at the start.

    "I'm expecting this to be a sleepwalk into widespread violence, with the flashpoint actually being some small happening that would ordinarily be dismissed, much as the Reidsville statue event I've referenced above. The only way to recognize it will be in hindsight."

    I think that this is a wise warning that we should step back, refuse to allow a misunderstanding to be a "flashpoint" to violence, and just talk before resorting to violence.

    Talking is boring; fighting is .. well, it's FUN!

    One road leads to peace, the other to war. War sucks.

    I know .. I've been in one.

    I didn't like it.

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