14 and a half minues of truth

Time to return to politics.

Watch it. This guy, at what appears to be a fairly young age, apparently has a better bead on the reality of current life in the US than 99% of his fellow citizens, no matter their age.

You think he’s wrong? Then come up with concrete examples to prove your point.

The land of the free and the home of the brave is well on its way to becoming the land of the free lunch and the home of the slave. The shadowy “Powers That Be” are playing us, left, right and center, for their own ends. You know what the end game is? They run everything through their bully boys. Antifa, right wing militia, cops, military – all serve the same unseen masters. Most of them don’t know it, that’s because they have and cherish their illusion of freedom.

But if these people win, you can kiss even an illusion of freedom goodbye. You’ll not be free and neither will your children, or your grandchildren, or probably their grandchildren.

If you think you’re free, try to do something a really free person would do. No one likes taxes and we know the money is almost totally wasted, so stop paying them. Just be ready for that visit from the IRS. Try driving without a license, insurance or license plate and see how far you get. Don’t pay your property taxes. Exercise your free speech rights in the wrong place. Go to a city council meeting and try to get your grievances addressed.

Don’t buy health insurance and see how that goes.

I’ve long advocated that whatever a politician says is a lie. I don’t care what party they claim to be from, because they’re all the same. Sure the rhetoric is different between Party D and Party R, but pay careful attention to what happens after either gets themselves bellied up to the trough elected. They may go about it in slightly different ways, but they both wind up doing the same old shit – making government bigger, more expensive and more intrusive. Day by day, year by year, the freedoms that you are born with die the death of a thousand cuts. By design.

Many folks, me included, worked to put President Donald Trump in office. He’s the ultimate outsider, having never been elected to any office before. He’s too rich to be bought. He’s too used to power to get seduced by it. We elected him to go to Washington, kick ass and take names. So what happens? One side loses it’s fucking mind and is trying every trick they can think of to lessen his effectiveness and somehow, some way, run him out of office and into a prison cell. The other side, supposedly his own people, are only slightly less against him. They’re willing to take a pass on the whole prison thing. Generous, aren’t they?

While this is going on, we’re all being seduced by media talking heads, who nothing more than sock puppets, babbling out whatever idiocy and lies their handlers want today. The same goes for the “entertainment industry”, who know they can be blackballed with a phone call or a story on TMZ. They’re more than happy to be good little useful idiots, because that’s how they get the money, the big houses, the expensive cars and the constant ego stroking they need.

Then we have “the poor”. Poor people who eat better and have more material goods than any poor people in history. Poor people who can be reliably counted on for their votes to certain candidates. While the real poor, those who could use a hand up, are ignored or worse yet, played as patsies for the media, because they live in the wrong place, have some pride left and reuse help, are the wrong color or religion or citizenship, are left out in the cold.

And if the poor can’t vote them in, we’ll give the vote to felons in prison and raise the dead. We’ll count and recount and re-recount until we get the right answer.

Oh yes, I’m angry. But this isn’t that hot-blooded anger that leads you into doing stupid things. (Although some would say that even saying this in public is being stupid. Be gray, man.) This is the slow, simmering anger that bides its time. I know that ChuckE and I aren’t the only ones, because I run into them everywhere I go. There are so many of them that it’s scary. There is a mass of people out there who are just waiting for that last straw.

When that camel’s back breaks, all hell is going to break out with it.

Edit 4/23/2019: I swear, Google could screw up, well you know. I’ve put the link to the Patriot Nurse on the healthcare penalty back in. Let’s see if it stays.

1 thought on “14 and a half minues of truth

  1. I stopped paying attention to the any of the MSM, from local new to national, about 15 years ago. The only thing I pay attention to is the weather.

    We have been in a steadily worsening cultural Cold War since the 1960's. There have been flashes of Hot War from time to time over the last 10 years.

    What preseeded that was the DNC taking the national Democratic party hard left as a conscious choice. The outcome of this is ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street, spreading (Constitutional violating) Red Flag Laws, the 2018 midterms and the agenda in the House since January and the platforms espoused by every single 2020 Democratic candidate.

    The Democratic party of FDR, JFK, LBJ and even WJC is dead. It is now, in all but name, The Socialist Party of America.

    #walkaway #BLEXIT #JEXIT #Trump2020 #taketheredpill

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