Hurricane’s a’ comin’

Ah, it’s the time of year in the South when the weather is cooling a bit, college football is underway and hurricanes come barging in, screwing up everything.

It’s been quite a few years since the coast of the two Carolinas took a hard, head-on hit from a hurricane, but barring some help from above, it appears Florence is going to be a direct hit on the coast. Currently, forecasts are targeting Wilmington, NC as ground zero for a hit next weekend. Of course, this is a week out, and a lot of weather can happen in a week.

I’m going to use this as a motivator to get some items off my list, such as cycling and refilling gas cans after a long summer of making hay mowing grass. I’ll also make the obligatory trip to the grocery store to top off on consumables and another trip, probably to Amazon, to refill on batteries, which I found noticed yesterday we are a little light on.

While this storm has the potential to visit our home, we are a few hundred miles inland, so we won’t get the worst of it. However, we have had more than a few hurricanes pass through, and they can still cause havoc. Downed trees, electrical outages and flooding are just a few of the things that happen around here when a hurricane comes to town.

My biggest concerns are our roof, which has a few years on it, and my beam amateur radio antenna (which is still unconnected and yes, I need to finish that and the series of posts I was writing on the process), which is subject to wind damage in very high winds. I’d also like to get my new WeatherFlow weather station installed, but that is subject to time, material availability and weather, the last of those being forecast to be stormy throughout the week.

More to come…

3 thoughts on “Hurricane’s a’ comin’

  1. We are waiting and watching, right now it looks like the Cape Fear area. But theses thing have been know to change.
    Tim in Hampton Roads.

  2. When I retired I moved out of Florida to get away from the hurricanes (I went through Charley, Francis, Jean and the remnants of Ivan in 2004….) and moved to SC. The $%*@# thigs are following me…..

    RE: Looked at the Weatherflow web site you linked to. What do the weather stations cost, and how well is yours working?

  3. Nosomo, I think the only way to avoid them is move to the Midwest, and I wouldn't bet on that.

    So far, it's working really well as far as I can tell. That mounting is temprorary, and I do get some sway in that last section. But as far as I've been able to confirm, I've only gotten two false positives for rain. The unit is sensitive to vibration because the haptic sensors in it work off vibration. When I move it to a permanent home, I'm going to have to work out a more rigid mounting. At the moment, I'm trying to firgure out where that will be.

    As far as price, I got mine when they did their Kickstarter, and it was $230-something as I recall. Right now, they're sold out and are only taking names for contact when there is more availability at some later date. Go to and click on the Smart Weather station and you'll see the link.

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