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A acquaintence sent me some excellent advice today. It was a link to a YouTube video–this one:

Just shy of two years ago, I found myself in the position John Goodman discusses. My employer was being a complete dick, not only to me but to my entire staff. My house was paid for, I had money in the bank, no bills and income they apparently were unaware of. There was nothing I could do for my staff except tell them that it was all going to crap and the best thing they could do is find new position elsewhere. Then I told my employer “Fuck you” and walked. I did put it nicer than that, but I’m sure they got the message.

I haven’t seen this movie, but my acquaintance has and thought I’d get a laugh out of it. And I did. I didn’t realize at the time that I was doing exactly this, but I was. Art mirrors life.

The last two years have been two of the most excellent years in my life. Yes, there have been changes I don’t care for, but on balance, it’s worth the trade.

If you can do it, the most liberating thing you can do is put yourself in the position to say “Fuck you” to the whole, wide world.

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  1. Yeah, I don't have "Fuck You" money, but I DO have "go away and leave me alone" money.

    It took 20 years of 60+ hour weeks and living frugally in a very small house (by today's standards), but I got there.

  2. I haD A FOREMAN IN THE HEAVY EQUIPMENT SHOP THAT i SHOWED UP ONE TIME . He said a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder could not be rebuilt . I came in on Saturday with the company owner and rebuilt that same cylinder to complete satisfaction . The foreman made my life unbearable after that and the asshole owner let him . I pissed in the foremans toolbox in front of him and the whole shop and announced fuck you at least a dozen times . it was beautiful .

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